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Global Savings Groups Conference 2018 - Request for Proposals

1. The form must be complete in order for the session to be considered.
2. This form must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, November 10.
3. Please be sure to read the Request for Proposals, including Session Selection Criteria and Presenter Policies before you submit this form.
4. Contact us at with questions on the conference program or submitting a proposal.

You may download the proposal submission questions in a Word document here,
but responses must be submitted via this form for consideration.

Session Chair
The session chair is responsible for submitting the session proposal and is the point of contact with SEEP. S/he does not necessarily need to serve as a moderator or participant in the session, in which case her/his involvement does not count towards the limit of four participants per session. However, s/he must register for the forum and attend the session. Important duties of chairs of accepted sessions include:
  • Communicating with the SEEP Track Coordinator,
  • Ensuring that all session participants are kept informed of the session's development,
  • Submitting participants' 100 word (max) biographical sketches and headshots by February 15, and
  • Ensuring that participants complete the registration process by March 31.
Please enter information about the session chair below.
1. Please enter information about the session chair below. *This question is required.
2. Have you previously organized a session at a conference convened by SEEP? *This question is required.
Note: Session chairs agree to follow the Presenter Policies outlined here and to share them with prospective session participants.